Menu Highlight: Fireside’s Famous Steak Tips

Posted on September 30, 2018

restaurant in MassachusettsYou’ll find steak tips in most Massachusetts restaurants, but what makes ours special? With three generations of cooking experience and a reputation to uphold, we treat each dish that exits our kitchen with the utmost care. We use the best ingredients we can get our hands on, and treat each customer like they’re our own family. Stop in for a visit to see how our famous steak tips earned their esteemed title.

What Is a Steak Tip?

Upon investigation, it turns out that “steak tip” is a pretty regional term. In other parts of the country, this cut of meat is referred to “sirloin tips” or “tri tips.”  Regardless both terms refer to a small cut of well marbled meat. They are best served marinated and grilled. In our Massachusetts restaurant, we serve our USDA choice steak tips charbroiled to your liking, and with potatoes, vegetables, or a soup or salad.

It’s All in the Sauce

Like I said above, steak tips are best when marinated. But why marinate? Marinades add flavor to the meat of your choice, but also add moisture, making your meat more tender. What makes a perfect sauce depends on the meat, but the general rule is an acid, a fat, and seasoning. Acids can range from orange juice to vinegar and everything in between, and the fat will keep your meat moist and tender. The seasonings can help cater your meat to complement what you’re serving it with, or can make your meat stand out as the focus of the dish. Regardless of your marinade of choice, letting it soak for at least 30 minutes is the key to success.

Our chefs take their meat seriously. We continually tweak and adjust our recipes to make them even better. But when it comes to our famous steak tips, why fix what’s not broken? Come on into our Massachusetts restaurant in Methuen to give them a try!