Is Family Welcome at a Pub?

Posted on December 27, 2017

When your family is getting together for the holidays, you probably don’t want to be cooking for a dozen people each night. You can look at going out to dinner, but when your family includes children, there are a lot of places you think you can immediately rule out. However, we want you to realize that a pub is a viable option for a family meal, and kids are always welcome.

Many places will confuse the terms “pub” and “bar.” A bar is a place for drinking and adults meeting, while a pub is much different. Pubs are traditional gathering places for communities and offer both food and drink in a homey atmosphere. There is no reason kids should be forbidden from this environment, and we don’t want to keep them out.

At Fireside, we have a variety of family-friendly entertainment for both young and old alike, such as musicians and trivia nights. We invite any family gathering to enjoy some entertainment with their meals and feel comfortable here.

We offer a children’s menu that’s perfect for picky eaters and small stomachs. Your kids will find something they love, and you can get a quality meal to enjoy.

We do offer a great selection of beer at Fireside Restaurant, and we also provide a variety of non-alcoholic drinks. Your family members above 21 can decide what the best drink for them is, and we promise that the environment will stay comfortable and family-friendly. If you don’t want a drink, that’s no problem—your good time is more important!

Bring your family to Fireside Restaurant this holiday season. You’ll enjoy a great meal out in a family-friendly atmosphere. The adults can have a drink while kids can have fun with trivia or listening to music. Everyone is welcome here, and we’ll do our best to make sure that this feels like home.