Fall Comfort Food with Your Favorite Massachusetts Restaurant

Posted on October 25, 2019

The cold weather has arrived, and people are putting aside those fluffy diets. Cold weather in New England means it’s time for comfort food. Lucky for you, your favorite Massachusetts restaurant, Fireside Restaurant and Pub, has the comfort food you’ve been craving.
However, have you ever stopped and wondered where the term “comfort food” came from? Well, pull up your favorite seat and enjoy this fact-filled article!


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The Beginnings

Although there’s no definite answer to the origins of comfort food, the term has been traced back to the year 1966. It all started when the Palm Beach Post published an article about the correlation between stress and eating habits. “Adults, when under severe emotional stress, turn to what could be called ‘comfort food’ – food associated with the security of childhood, like mother’s poached egg or famous chicken soup.”

Comfort Foods by Country

Keeping the fun facts for trivia night going, here are a few of the most popular foods, listed by country.

United States
• Macaroni and cheese
• Mashed potatoes
• Chowder
• Chicken soup
• Grilled cheese sandwich
• Casseroles
• Pot roast
• Cookies, cakes and cupcakes

• Potato onion omelet
• Sweetbread
• Fried seafood
• Churros
• Paella
• Stews

• Gnocchi
• Lasagna
• Pizza

• Butter tart
• Tourtiere (meat pie)
• Poutine
• Onion soup


Hong Kong
• Siu Mei – open fire-roasted meats
• Pineapple Bun
• Dim Sum
• Put chai ko – snack-sized pudding cake

• Bacon butty
• Sticky toffee pudding
• Potato and leek soup
• Stottie cake


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If you’re craving a good old fashioned comfort meal, stop into Fireside Restaurant today. Whether choosing from our daily specials or regular menu, you can be sure you’ll find the meal that hits the spot. As native’s from the European culture, the Swerchesky’s have incorporated traditional comfort food with their own unique flare. Thus, Fireside has become a go-to restaurant in Massachusetts for many families.
From our famous country fried chicken to our house made macaroni and cheese, we know comfort. We also know that several individuals have sensitivities to this type of meal; that’s why we’re happy to bring gluten-free options to the plate. From gluten-free meatballs to rice pasta, we have your dietary needs covered! Visit us today and let us get that chill out of your New England bones!