The cold weather has arrived, and people are putting aside those fluffy diets. Cold weather in New England means it’s time for comfort food. Lucky for you, your favorite Massachusetts restaurant, Fireside Restaurant and Pub, has the comfort food you’ve been craving. However, have you ever stopped and wondered where the term “comfort food” came […]

Posted on August 25, 2019 in catering Andover MA, Fireside Restaurant & Pub

With the final weeks of summer quickly coming upon us, many people are scrambling to plan the last get-togethers of the season.  Whether it’s an impromptu family gathering or a reunion of friends, catering in Andover, MA can help relieve some of your party planning stress. Lucky for you, Fireside Restaurant & Pub offers a […]

Did you know across the world, almost every culture has a ‘version’ of BBQ? This year has widely been the year of the Brisket, however many other trends like meatless meat have also taken trend upward. BBQ rubs & spices from the around the world now also decorate our domestic store shelves, giving us access […]

Celebrating America’s birthday is a summer day that many people look forward to.  With the 4th of July right around the corner, plans are underway.  Although the holiday has many people flocking to the backyards of friends and families for barbeques, this may not always be the case.  Heading into the city for fireworks is […]

When you think of your favorite restaurant, what comes to mind? Do you think solely about the menu offered? Although the cuisine is important, the meal does not dominate the overall experience.  It has been shown that around fifty percent of a the experience of a diner derives from the atmosphere of the establishment. Of […]