Beyond the Meal with Boston Pubs

Posted on April 25, 2019

boston pubsWhen you think of your favorite restaurant, what comes to mind? Do you think solely about the menu offered? Although the cuisine is important, the meal does not dominate the overall experience.  It has been shown that around fifty percent of a the experience of a diner derives from the atmosphere of the establishment. Of course, you want to eat a delicious meal, but many restaurants have more to offer than just food. Next time you are out and about, consider Fireside Restaurant as one of your go-to Boston pubs.


The Atmosphere

Everybody is different when it comes to the type of atmosphere they desire most. Some people enjoy a loud and rowdy environment. While others may want to visit a restaurant that offers a fine dining experience with higher etiquette expectations.  Perhaps your desired atmosphere depends on the mood of the week.  Either way, casual or quiet, atmospheres will undoubtedly have a common similarity, music. Setting the tone for your experience, music selection is imperative to get right.


The Mood

The pairing of music and cuisine has been a staple in cultures dating back further than the 16th century. Science shows that music affects the way humans consumer their food. Listening to music while eating has been shown to increase the amount an individual will not only eat but drink as well.  Providing live music in a restaurant atmosphere, on average, will increase the time that customers are willing to stay. However, the music selection should complement the atmosphere furthering the guest experience.  If one is to visit the local Mexican restaurant, and they are engulfed with hip hop, they may not return.  Music selection is key.  A well thought-out and managed established realizes that every choice they make, from décor to the listening experience, is essential to their guests.



Here at Fireside Restaurant in Methuen, we frequently schedule live music and acts for our customers to enjoy. If you’re looking to have a delectable meal combined with the best entertainment, Fireside is the perfect place for you. One of the favorite Boston pubs to frequent, you can view upcoming events and music, by clicking HERE.  Fireside Restaurant is always hosting talented acts and musicians at their MA restaurant. Visit them today and see what everyone is talking about.