Best Comfort Food Around Boston

Posted on March 14, 2018

restaurant in MassachusettsWhen you’re craving some delicious, warm, homemade food, are you ready to get in the kitchen and make it yourself? Maybe you’d prefer to go out to a restaurant that serves the same dishes just like Mom used to make. If you’re around the Boston area, there’s one place for the best Boston comfort food—our restaurant in Massachusetts.

Take a look at some of the highlights of our menu for local favorites:

  • Homemade Chili and Creamy New England Clam Chowder

These tasty soups are New England favorites and are perfect for a cold night. Please note that the clam chowder is available on Fridays only.

  • Waffle Fries and Sweet Potato Fries

Want an ideal side to your meal? What’s better than something fried, salty, and great with ketchup?

  • Country Fried Chicken

Fill your stomach with fried chicken breasts and gravy. This Southern favorite is delicious in New England too!

  • Fireside Burger and Bostonian Burger

Sometimes, you just want a good old hamburger. We’ve got that at our restaurant in Massachusetts—topped with baked ham and cheese.

  • Lobster Ravioli

Nothing says New England more than seafood. This filling dish pairs lobster with a sherry cream sauce. It goes well with local wines, too!

  • Margherita Flatbread

All the delicious taste of a pizza, but with less grease weighing it down. Enjoy the fresh mozzarella or try a different flatbread flavor.

  • Fried Cheesecake

The best comfort food to end your meal is filling, fried, and sweet. Mix warm and cold sensations by pairing it with ice cream, or enjoy the fresh feeling of strawberry topping.

Are you feeling hungry yet? When you’re looking for the best delicious comfort food around Boston, Fireside is the restaurant in Massachusetts to go to. Bring your family, enjoy the relaxed pub vibe, and have a great meal together. Make your reservation today!